Instant Pay

Business Fundamental Group partners with organizations to attract and retain hourly employees by offering scheduling and financial flexibility. Our mobile app boosts employee engagement, staffing levels, and retention. Our flagship offering is Instant Pay (same-day pay), the most sought-after benefit being offered to hourly workers today:

  • Employees Want It -74% of hourly workers surveyed said they would use our mobile same-day pay feature for instant access to their earnings.

  • Job-seekers are 250% more likely to apply to a company that offers same-day pay over one that doesn’t.

  • Employees are 40% more likely to cover a shift if they get same-day pay.

  • Among companies that offer it, same-day pay decreases turnover by 13%, absenteeism by 18% and increases sales revenue by 8% on average.

  • Zero technology integration is required. You can fund the offering, or have the employee pay $2.99 per transaction, when they opt to use it.

Contact us to provide Instant Pay as an option to your employees today.