Our Services

Healthcare Insurance


If you employ 50 or more employees, we can help to reduce your costs by up to 50%!

Accounts Payable


Through the use of virtual cards, you can increase efficiency and even add some profit to your Accounts Payable department.

Copier Leases


Approximately 85% of copier leases are overpriced by an average of 57%. Let us review your lease and save your money.

Wireless Cost Savings


Save up to 25% on your wireless services by using Business Fundamental Group to optimize your wireless plan today.

Workman's Comp Recovery


Use us to recover your worker's compensation premium overcharges. We offer this at no cost to you.

Credit Card Processing


We offer a longer-lasting solution to high credit card processing fees. Don't settle for a temporary fix to this issue.

Property Tax Mitigation


BFG can help to insure your business is not being overcharged for Property Taxes by providing an industry specialist to review the details necessary to save you money.

Research Tax Credits


We can help businesses receive "tax money" back from prior years and reduce current taxable income to save them money.

Class Action


Our team of specialists identifies and recovers class action funds that may be owed to our client's business.

Waste Audit


With our Waste Management Audit Service, we lower monthly expenses for solid waste, medical waste, and even recycling disposables with your current vendor.

Cost Segregation


BFG can help your business increase cash flow benefits now, and in the future through shorter depreciated tax life and accelerated depreciation methods.

Instant Pay


Instant Pay provides real-time earnings technology that gives your hourly employees same-day access to their earned wages.

WL Madden - Consulting Firm

To provide our client's with a complete package of services, we've teamed up with WL Madden to offer the services listed below.



 Having enough money is necessary to establish a business and keep it operational. Our team of experts will analyze your given financial situation to find the best funding opportunity for your company. 

Business & Sales Consulting


 We have experienced consultants always available to provide you with guidance relevant to your industry. This can also be applied to your selling techniques so you can generate more business. 

Website Development


 With the expanding realm of technology, doing business online is an important aspect of any company. Let us create a website for your company so you can reach a larger audience and generate more business. 

Communication Services


 In the world of business today, connectivity is necessary. Having telephone and internet services will allow you to reach customers and handle inquiries in varying methods to suit their unique needs. 

Reputation Management


Manage your company's appearance online with our easy to use toolbar. You can scan for what listings your business is already on, and the tool will add new listings automatically.